Under The Weather - Part 2

So it's almost been 4 whole months since I've been sick. And that's awesome in my book. To NOT be sick for one-third of an entire year is pretty good especially with my track record. I can say I'm not DEAD sick like I was back in June but I am not feeling 100% like I usually am.

Perhaps it's the weather. This past weekend was kind of tough to be out in the cold. I had the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk with TEAM LAGADE (my sis, cousin Ron, his son, RJ, and Ron's girlfriend, Mae). We had other members scheduled to join us on the walk but pulled out at the last minute due to not feeling well. But the cause is so important to me that I wanted to go even if it was raining. It was definitely cold at 8 AM in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and a few raindrops got us a little wet but that didn't stop us from walking for our Cousin Natalie and Auntie Virginia.

That evening, we had to travel in the rain to Monterey for our aunt's surprise 80th birthday party. It's such a milestone that we couldn't NOT go. I was dressed in a short dress and only had my small trench coat to keep me warm. What we do to still look fashionable, right? I didn't drive and I passed out in the backseat on the way home. My cousin Ron was driving and I was cold at times as he cracked his window at some points throughout the drive home, possibly to help defrost the windows with three other people knocked out in his car. So it's understandable.

Not like I can get sick from my dog, but he was also coughing since Saturday night and it sounded horrible. Turns out he has Kettle Cough again and his vet appointment and meds put us back $150.

I started feeling crappy Sunday night with a sore throat. I took some Halls Defense that was given to me for free by my pharmacist. They're pretty good. But today I woke up congested and a sore throat as well. My boyfriend also didn't feel good this morning.

As usual, I took my Biolean & Omega-3 today at 9:15 AM. It is now 10:30 AM and I am feeling better than I did on my way into work. I'll keep you posted.

I hope everyone is staying healthy!

12:20 PM - Feeling at 95% now. Much better. I will definitely be attending my business training meeting in Walnut Creek, then followed by the business overview with a good college friend, fellow Sade fan and someone who understands my Los Lonely Boys devotion, as my guest. Looking forward to seeing her.


  1. Being sick is horrible when you have things to do. I hope you get better soon!


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