I had my annual check-up last week and I am happy to say that my LDL level is back to normal! Woohoo! I’ve always been healthy (for the most part) and I was pretty shocked in December when I was told that I had a bit of high cholesterol. I am still a bit Vitamin D deficient and was prescribed some pills that I didn’t want to take. But now I’m taking One a Days until I get some daily vitamins from WIN. But I’m happy about my LDL improvement. I think it’s because I’m hittin’ the gym and taking my Omegas.

Since my boyfriend is recuperating from his third knee surgery, he’s a bit more motivated to the gym. And I’ve had to sacrifice my schedule just to go with him because he’s not constant with his work outs. So, last night, I had to tell him that I’m going without him. And I went this morning and had a great workout. I can’t wait to go tomorrow morning. I know someone who is on a program that is all cardio. Two hours of cardio a day. Oh my! My sister also completed her first 5K in Martinez this past weekend. Her next one will be in Davis on October 16th. Such great motivation.

Wellness International is also changing for me. I just registered my domain name for the site and updated the About Us section to make it more personal.

Besides the new domain name, I am waiting to receive finalized paperwork to make a big announcement! Stay tuned! I received this fortune yesterday:

I sure hope so!


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