Wedding Vendor Gone Bad

Whoooo, I am still tired. I haven’t started going back to the gym at 5 AM yet. I was hoping to do that today but I stayed up to watch movies last night. I have so much to recap so let’s start off with the wedding in Santa Clara on July 31st. Specifically:

The wedding rehearsal was the night before and I followed up with the vendors I was in contact with that week. Everyone was great, quick to answer their phone and reply except for the DJ. I will state names of great vendors that I would love to work with again but I will not publicly display names of unacceptable vendors. Nor will I bad talk about them on Yelp. So anyways, I call the DJ to make sure he has all of his questions answered, knows the timeline, and has everything he needs to know. Three days before the wedding he wants to see the venue. Three days? Really? I told him that we will be at the venue the night before for the wedding rehearsal. If he cannot meet me then, then he has to figure out a time to visit the venue on his own prior to the wedding. He agreed to be at the rehearsal. I am so glad I did not waste my B&G’s money and make a special trip to walk him thru the venue space because he DID NOT show up to the rehearsal.

I called the DJ while the wedding party was in formation and working with the venue’s coordinator at the rehearsal. He was already 15 minutes late and no courtesy call to tell me he was on his way or trying to find parking. He said he couldn’t make it. I didn’t even want to hear his excuses so I told him he needs to arrive early at the venue the day of the wedding. He said he’s not going to do that unless we pay him more. Excuse me? After the frustrating phone call, the groom asked me “Who were you yelling at?” Yelling? The venue echoes so I hope I wasn’t yelling. I briefly explained to avoid upsetting him or his future wife. My yelling and/or aggravating phone call was either depicting that I am handling business or I’m losing my cool.

Surprise, surprise. The DJ and his partner were late on the wedding day and even called me twice to get directions. I just have to shake my head at that one. They arrive, I tell them to load in and set up as soon as possible. I had to show them where power outlets are and the two locations they were going to set up. I let them do their thing as I’m content with them finally being inside the building. The next thing I hear is the venue’s coordinator telling me to deal with the DJs because they are “rude, unprofessional, and physically abusive” and I needed to handle it. Come again??? The coordinator was fuming. I found the DJ’s partner and wanted a quick explanation. The coordinator overheard her version of the encounter and verbally retaliated. (“ROUND 1!” from Street Fighter comes to mind.) Ladies! I asked the coordinator to calm down, to step away and for let me to handle it. I turn to the DJ’s partner and basically said I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care who is at fault. What I need right now is for you guys set up in both locations now. Bottom line, you’re late, didn’t show up for the rehearsal last night and there’s no time for this nonsense. Get it done.” I had to say this in front of some early arriving guests but it needed to be squashed.

Eventually both parties calmed down and the DJ did his job. They were better MC-ing than I was and they got folks out on the dance floor. The venue coordinator came to me and apologized, saying that she has never had to deal with people like that before and she’s sorry for responding the ways she did. I understood and assured her that I would not bring that DJ around her or the venue if I had any choice in the matter. The DJ’s partner, on the other hand, did not apologize. I will avoid using this DJ at all costs.

What nightmarish vendor experiences have you had?


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