Show #42

O M G!!!  That must've been the BEST show last night.  On the ride home, Tasina and I could not stop repeating the words "awesome" and "OMG" and sighing to catch our breath.  My God, was last night fantastic!  I'll go more into detail later but they were just having a great time out there, it was a super long set, they were connecting more than usual with the crowd, the crowd was on their feet even during the first few songs, they eventually overtook the aisles and of course OBTB (the Bay Area chapter if you will of the La Onda Street Team for the Los Lonely Boys) represented in the front…plus a few from SoCal. There was a total of 16 in our group.  We got a lot of love from JoJo and a girl was even crying during “Forgiven” and JoJo came down and gave her a hug and kiss.  SOOO sweet.  God, they're so good to their fans....  TWO people got up on stage to get some LLB love. One was a drunken dude that we could've done without but JoJo tried to keep him chill.  Ringo also sang Superman... awww, so amazing.  That’s the first time I saw TWO people get up on the stage with them.

They played a new song that no one in our group knew the words too. It’s so funny when this happens because I scan the faces of our group and I usually see all of us singing along but this time I didn’t find a single person who knew this song.  I did record majority of it on video and will have to upload it soon but my favorite part was when JoJo ran across the stage, dropped to his knees and skidded to a halt right in front of me. Love the JoJo Love! I just watched it on slow-mo on my camera and it’s so great. That definitely caught me off guard in a really good way.

Probably the only thing missing from the evening was seeing my favorite road manager, Glenn.  I had NO idea he's been gone for months and it felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest when Tasina told me when we were enroute. I'm happy that he's with his family but he's part of our family too, right!? At least I feel that way.  I didn't get to say good bye or good luck. I was soo looking forward to getting one of his big hugs last night. *sniff* *sniff*  Miss and love ya, Glenn! Sending you some California OBTB Love!

A few photos:
OndaRoadMates arriving in Wine Country
Who's that goofy girl???
From 6th Row

Tonight, show #43 for me, at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga.  3rd Row.


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