Under the Weather

8ish AM
I absolutely hate being sick. One of my clerks at work was sick since last Thursday the 17th. He didn't come in on Monday and came back on Tuesday, the 22nd. Wednesday, the 23rd, I started to feel sick just before noon and my luncheon with Christy. I joked around with him that he had a weak immune system, a jab that he and I playfully do at work as to who is more inferior in society. It's all fun and games and in a big corporation, I may even get written up or fired for the lenient and open relationship we have with each other, especially since I am a manager. Anyways... I've been sick. I left work mid-afternoon on Wednesday and stayed home on Thursday and Friday. I DID everything to beat this cold. My friend Jenny was turning 30 and she was having a party at the Bubble Lounge in SF on Saturday night. I was not feeling well enough to go so I personally gave her a call to tell her I wasn't coming.

I took 2 sorts of cold medicine, 2 allergy meds, had soup - Top Ramen, Split Pea and Thai Tom Yum's from Top Thai in Castro Valley, a Jamba Juice Coldbuster, had enough rest, slept for 18 hours, changed the sheets, got some fresh air and even FED my cold with grease from KFC and almost a half loaf of sourdough bread from Safeway and butter. Mmmm, my tastebuds loved that. But I still didn't feel good.

Although I wasn't feeling 100%, (more like 85%)I had a Spa Day appointment with WIN in the new Santa Clara offices yesterday and Christy and Crystal came out. They had an extra seat for someone to get a facial but I declined as I was still sneezy and had to blow my nose a few times. I felt helpless. I wish I could have contributed more to the event. I did have a glass of champagne with WINrgy but the next two glasses I held off on the champagne. The girls really enjoyed the WINspa products and I they think they might be future users and other WIN products. Crystal says she has oily skin and she's really happy with the way her skin feels even hours after the treatment with sweating in the hot weather. Christy rarely wears make-up and she's always told that she needs to take better care of her face and herself entirely. She's always on the go so she thinks she might be a user of the products. In the car on our way to find something eat and at lunch, I told them about how I got into the business, how I was exposed to it, how it made me feel, what I was expecting out of it, etc. The truth, basically. Christy and Crystal are so much more educated on the health benefits and terminology than I am so it makes a lot more sense to them. I am still learning. They were very interested in the Omega3, the Elasticity products for hair, skin and nails and Christy perked up when she heard that the Biolean even helps with migraines. She gets those a lot.

I realized while I was watching them do their facials that I stopped taking Biolean about 5 days prior to because I ran out. It's $80 for a month's supply and I just can't afford an extra $80 a month. I had a box left but I promised that to Tasina. Though I can't prove that I got sick because I stopped taking the supplements, it is definitely a coincidence. The weather has been beautiful for a while now and I haven't had to take allergy medicine until last Thursday. Usually, when it's beautiful out, I feel like crap. So today, I started taking Biolean again and I may just have to start taking it on a regular basis. Not just to keep me lean but to avoid feeling like I can't breathe would be worth it.

During yesterday's Spa Day, we met another Distributor named Elizabeth. Her mother, Marcia, and her opened the Santa Clara office. She was tall and beautiful, had a big rock on her hand and I believe she was engaged to a professional sports player. Not sure who. She was very nice. She connected well with Christy and Crystal. If I wasn't feeling so sick, I'd most likely be more sociable. She was saying that her sister lost 90 pounds on Biolean and the products and used the Enzyme Peel on her stretchmarks. Oh yeah. I've got those and I haven't even had a baby yet. Her sister is also featured in one of the newsletters I distribute. That's cool.

So we'll see...

Try out the products: http://www.mywinwebpage.com/87363

12:20 PM - Just had lunch. A frozen Tai Pei Broccoli & Beef thing. Lots of carbs but cheap. Not bad. The AC is on in my office and my body temp is either going up and down because I still don't feel 100% or it's the Biolean. I can breathe out of my nose for once. I like that.

3:51 PM - I don't know, People, this WIN stuff is making a believer out of me. I have been able to breathe out my nose without any problems but it is a major improvement from yesterday. I may even work out today, God knows I need it.

8:38 PM - On my way home today I chatted with Christy after inquiring after how her face felt a day after her experience with the WINspa line. She and Crystal discussed it today and were so amazed at how smooth their face was. Christy has had horrible experiences with facials and she said today was the first day that she felt like she didn't feel like she had to put lotion on her face. She loves the products. She did eventually put lotion on her face today since she was going to the Giants game but she wish she didn't have to. It's nice to have two people I know personally that love the products as much as I do. She said she'd write me a testimonial I can share with folks and I'll post it here eventually.


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