Summer Countdown

Three months exactly until my 30th birthday. Boy, did my 20s blow right past me. As of now, I have no plans of celebrating. No big party or anything but am going up to Seattle with Christy and possibly Jenny to see Shoe to do some celebrating a week earlier. Eh, it’s just a number right? Still not engaged, not married and no child beside my 1.5 year old Boston Terrier, Bevo.

I’ve switched up the idea for the family reunion this August to be in her honor a bit. I hope it works out. In terms of moolah, I’m not sure I should be spending so much money on things to make it an event. But we shall see. 50 or so days until the event. I’m expecting 35 people or so. I’ve spoken to someone in terms of entertainment this morning and not sure I’ll move forward with it but it would be great.

In terms of EP, I’m only working on one wedding in July and it has a very, very tight timeline. I’ve met with the photographer team and I think they’ll do a great job. They’ve actually worked with my cousin Christine and her boyfriend. I need additional work in this field. I have a lot to do still but instead of following up on contacts that I’ve met at the San Jose bridal fair, I’ve been reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Then next up is Stephanie Meyer’s new mini-book about Bree Turner from Eclipse.

In terms of WIN, I have finished my box of Biolean and things are good. I personally cannot afford spending $80 (even with a discount) a month to continue to be on it. I don’t think I need it, frankly. I know I’m not model material or have a washboard stomach but I’m OK with it. With the samples I have purchased from Vicki, I still owe her some money so when I pay that off, I’d love to get on their multi-vitamin, which I definitely need as Christy has been urging me to do so for forever, and their Omega-3. I do like their ProXtreme protein powder but I wish their Sure2Endure was not in pill form. I am bringing three friends to the Spa Day in the new Santa Clara offices this Sunday so that’s $15 a head I have to pay just for exposure. We shall see. It’s also a fun treat for friends so… whatever.

I’ve given up on a possible business partnership that I meant thru a friend. I do not like the way they did business. Emails were unreturned and when we did chat, it was as if there was no recollection of what the idea was prior to the call. Actually, one day before the meeting they had no clue why we were getting together. I do not want to deal with business people like that. So, moving on….


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