Breaking Out

As Bevo approaches his 10th birthday, it’s been quite a year. He’s developed separation anxiety, barking when I leave him in his area behind the baby gate. This is his injuries today from trying to get out and bleeding onto the $80 studio quality pad I put to cover the gap in the door opening above the floor molding. The pad was to try to absorb some of his barking to be not a nuisance to my neighbors while I go to work.

I’ve tried meds fr the vet to calm him, aromatherapy, treats, toys to occupy him and talking to him via Nest. I really don’t think a calming sweater or videos ran will help but I guess that maybe next. So he wins. He gets to freely roam in my bedroom while I’m gone. Ordered bed pads as he occasionally pees on my bed.

Not sure what else to do but give him what he wants. Doc says the barking could also be a sign of him going senile.  It breaks my heart.

At Sons of Liberty Alehouse in San Leandro, California

What changes did your pup go thru as they got older?


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