1700 Twitter Followers

Photo from the 2016 SF Auto Show
I am having a pretty good month on this blog and just reached 1700 followers on Twitter. I was in the process of posting the above graphic on Instagram and joked with my non-Twitter-using bartender that I'm now getting a Maserati! She adorably asked, 'Is that how that works?!?' No, unfortunately 1700 Twitter followers does not get you a sexy, blue Maserati. Perhaps, if this blogging thing takes off, I'll have my property in Maui and a Maserati in my garage. 

Thank you to all of my supporters, viewers, friends and of course my Twitter followers! I appreciate you! I do most of my Tweeting while on the cardio machine at the gym where I am reading and commenting on articles about San Francisco, food, dining, liquor, fitness, the entrepreneur and women-owned business world.

If you are on Twitter, befriend me! @bappletree



  1. Wow, big month for you! Congrats on another great accomplishment! Hopefully I'll reach that level at some point as well!


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