Congrats, San Jose Sharks!

Last night, the San Jose Sharks clinched a spot in the playoffs! And I was there for their HP Fan Appreciation night with my buddy, Brian.

What an exciting game. The first period had a play with so many close attempts at the goal but just couldn't get it in! We want to be literally on the edge of your seat and to get a closer look but you can't! I personally love the speed and non-stop action of hockey, that's the same reason why I love boxing. I think I'll go to more games next season and possibly consider play off tickets. There is not a bad seat in The Shark Tank.

Congrats to the San Jose Sharks! Thanks for the free bag too. We had a blast!

5/8/13 UPDATE - Swept the Canucks and headed to Round 2. Congrats! Brian and I watched it at Burgermeister over a carb-filled meal while watching the Giants game as well. My friend, Rich, was sitting basically in the dug out and waved to me twice! Caught it on video too. It's pretty awesome that waves to me was seen all over the nation.


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