The Fillmore and Sparks, NV

Music is a powerful thing. I love movie soundtracks because there are some movies that have a variety of music by different artists all in one album and it is meant to go well with the story of the movie… which in most cases, the movie is depicting reality versus fantasy. I used to love filling out those random surveys on MySpace bulletins and one that I blogged on MySpace was the Soundtrack of My Life. This past weekend got me thinking about how much music plays such a major part of my life. I don’t play any instruments but music has such an effect on me. It calms me down when I want to scream, it’s at my side when I’m driving like a maniac to escape, it makes me feel that someone else knows what I’m going thru and damnit, it makes me want to dance and be free.

I went to see the Los Lonely Boys for my #40 and #41st show at the historic Fillmore in San Francisco and the Celebrity Showroom at the Nugget in Sparks, Nevada. Yes, I’ve seen them so many times and I don’t get super excited until I’m outside the venue. I’m excited but I’m not aware of just how excited I am until I’m standing out there in the cold, the heat, or whatever with my friends at the front of the line. The Los Lonely Boys would definitely be on my Soundtrack. Opening acts were Carrie Rodriguez and Alejandro Escovedo, who we stopped outside the Fillmore to take a photo with. He was very gracious to oblige. After all, our group does have a few good looking ladies.

At Sparks, Henry reached out for some fans’ hands (it was nice to shake it again) and I had a moment with JoJo. Even if I was in the stands, away from the stage their music just touches me. I could never get enough of it. To Sparks, 6 of us traveled thru the snow and Sierra Mountains to see them in a rented Pathfinder with limited luggage space. On the last half of the way home, we were all a little quiet… either past out or just reflecting on our weekend. I look over at Tasina and I realized we were both in deep thought. We’ve been ONDA road together and fans of the Boys for 5 years now. We’ve traveled many miles together and I think we get really sad when we have to go back to reality. When we’re at the concerts and around our friends that share the love and joy for the Boys, we are so happy. We have unnecessary drama as groups do and those people you just have to weed out, but when it’s over, it’s o v e r and you just don’t want it to be. You want to keep smiling, you want to hear the bass, the pound of the drums, the energy that awakens in the people around you … all because of music. But, like always we have a good time together. And music brought us together.


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