I am super busy but as I’m almost a week into my 30th year of life, I should take a moment and write down moments and feelings that make up my life. I’m not doing this because I think people are very interested in my life but for me to look back on and think about things that make me happy, make me sad, the challenges I’ve faced and have overcome in this whirlwind they call life.

This past weekend I’ve come to realize again that there is not enough time in the day to everything I need to do and I need to make some changes. But I will one day at a time. No need for drastic changes but minor improvements will go a long way. Not only did I miss a homework assignment I needed to do last weekend, I was at church yesterday at a Filipino mass/festival in Martinez, CA honoring the first Filipino saint, Saint San Lorenzo Ruiz. It was at the same place where we had my grandmother’s, Luisa Abran, funeral at three years ago. And also the same place that my father first got to hold his first grandchild. I vowed that I will do a better job of making time for those loved one. And yet I am here again burning the candle at both ends like I always do. School, working on a wedding, having a full time job and the bf, dog, the household and friends and family get the short end of the stick. Come November or officially on October 26th, I can relax for a bit. The wedding will be done. But like all things, these are choices I made and therefore I must own up to the responsibilities that come with them.

But things that make me pushing along is the success I accumulate along the way, the unconditional love of my boys, my friends and my BOYS! BOYS meaning my Los Lonely Boys. I just received an incredible birthday present at my 39th LLB concert at Cache Creek Casino in Brooks, CA. They wished me Happy Birthday, told me they loved me (which wasn’t the first time J ) and they sang “Nobody Else” for me. So it was an amazing birthday weekend which is really an understatement. YouTube it! Tasina was so thoughtful to record the whole thing. She’s an awesome friend.

I would go on but I HAVE to actually work.



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